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Holi Development Team

Tomasz Stawiarz

CEO & Co-owner

Graduated from the Faculty of Real Estate at Andrzej Frycz Modrzewski Academy Krakow. For over 10 years he ran a real estate office, managed apartments for rooms and built houses.

He currently specializes in the economic analysis of real estate. He prepares investments and conducts discussions with financial investors. He also prepares documentation of the land, which increases the value, and then I sell it profitably as cash medicine, for example, for developers.

He is the founder of the unique Developer Academy, thanks to which everyone who participates will receive all the necessary tips to start their first development project step by step.

Szymon Skrzypiec

COO & Co-owner

Graduated from Warsaw Technical University, Warsaw Business School, ASBIRO Business School and Developer Academy. He worked on the development of entrepreneurship in Poland and supervised more than 500 startups in academic incubators, first as Growth Manager and then as Managing Partner. He has lectured at numerous academic lectures, trainings and conferences on real estate and business topics. Out of a passion for startups, he is currently developing a company that is active in the field of modern technologies and industrial automation.

For several years now, it has been active in the real estate market, focusing on the sale of flats, multi-family homes and real estate investments. He specializes in building sales departments, legal aspects of real estate and financial analysis.

Grzegorz Zaręba

Chairman of the Board

Entrepreneur, real estate investor, developer.

Over the past 10 years he has worked with companies such as Skanska, Budimex, Strabag and Ghelamco. He participated in many construction projects, including Warsaw Spire.

Every day, he deals with market analysis, risk analysis and forecasting returns on investments.

Maria Stańska-Nowicka

Director for Financial Planning

Graduated from the Faculty of Environmental Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology with a focus on district heating, heating, ventilation and gas industry (2003-2007) and a diploma in arts with a focus on dramatic acting (2007-2011).

In the years 2004-2007 she was involved in the planning of sanitary installations (water drainage, ventilation), e.g. in the boutiques of C.H. Arkadia.

In 2019, after completing the training and passing the statutory examination, she received the KNF certificate and joined the team of Unum Life TUiR S.A. Since then she has been working as a natural person carrying out agency activities in the field of life insurance.

She joined Connect&Invest in 2020 as an assistant to the management. Currently, as Director of Financial Planning, she is involved in the organization and planning of finances, the monitoring of payments, the procurement of documents and contacts with offices and law firms.

Postgraduate student in Tax and Tax Law, Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Warsaw.

Lovers of horseback riding, running, skiing, film and theatre. Outside of working hours is carried out acting on the plans of the smaller and larger production.

Anna Voigt

Sales Director

She has been associated with the real estate sector since 2010. From March 2019 to the end of October 2021, she sold apartments in the most luxurious apartment building in Poland / Złota 44. She signed and negotiated multi-million dollar contracts with the most demanding clients. From 2013 to 2019, she worked with the Fenix Group, the then market leader in the revitalization of Warsaw apartment buildings. Since 2010 she has worked with companies such as Fadesa Polnord, Robyg etc. in the sale of real estate. She also worked as a realtor at one of the most prestigious real estate agencies Eurovilla in Warsaw.

She leads a very active life. Her passion is mountain tours in the Himalayas, the Caucasus, the Alps, the Tatras and the popular Bieszczady. She participated in the expedition to Kasbek and Elbrus in 2018. She won Island Peak, 6,189m in Nepal, 2019. She completed courses in high mountain tourism and high mountain medicine.

She is also passionate about car rallies, competing three times in the Exotic Rage Race as a sports car driver. She is also an active motorboat driver with a patent, holds a patent for towing skiers and an English licence for maritime radio. She skis, skates, does yoga and danced in the band Latino Ladies, which ran Žora Korolyov known for TzG.

In 2010, she released her debut album “Dreams come true” in collaboration with EMI. Music is her great love, but even bigger are the real estate.

I invite you to invest and buy the premises, I always negotiate the best terms for the transaction.

Mariusz Pęcak

Head of Investment

Graduated from the Faculty of Management of the Warsaw School of Business. Entrepreneur who has gained experience in the construction industry for 14 years. He has participated in dozens of development projects, including Dom Development, Echo Investment, Budimex Real Estate, YIT, Marvipol, Unidevelopment. Among the investments in which he participated were: Royal Wilanów, Marina Mokotów, Chopin Airport, C.H. Arkadia, South Hospital, WUM Children’s Hospital, TDT headquarters and many others.

He gained his qualifications by working with the biggest representatives of the industry in Poland, such as: Skanska, Budimex, Strabag, Erbud, Unibep, Warbud. 

His passion is to create not only investments, but also relationships based on the values of responsibility, security and partnership. He believes anything is possible if he only entrusts the project to the right people.

Adam Kałużny

Expert for real estate auditing

Investor, broker, active in the real estate market for 7 years. Starting from small flip to large investments of your customers.

In the Holi Development team, he deals with the analysis of real estate with regard to investments.

Conducts real estate audits for our clients to increase their income.

Private lovers of automobiles, reels, water sports. In his free time he goes inline skating or ice skating.

His passion is real estate, he respects the people he meets along the way and draws inspiration and knowledge from them.

Regina Kolibska

Manager of the retirement home "Senior w Domu"

Graduated in stenotypy with foreign language correspondence. She began her professional activity more than 20 years ago as a secretary at Lift-Service S.A. In 2000-2005 she was assistant to the sales director at Viessmann Sp. z o.o. and since 2018 she has taken over the position of office manager.

In September 2021, she joined the Holi Development Team, where she took care of administrative matters and training.

In February 2022, she took over the management of the “Senior w domu” home for the elderly.

After work she became enthusiastic about social dance, foreign languages, floristry and psychology. She is currently studying business psychology and coaching at the Collegium Humanum.

Katarzyna Stanny

Specialist for sales and marketing

She has been working in the real estate sector since 2006. She worked 10 years in various positions at Dom Development S.A. and 7 years as a businessman at Makdom Holding S.A.

She studied Tourism and Hotel and Postgraduate Studies in Public Relations at the University of Warsaw. She chose her course of study a little different than real estate, but now she knows that these industries can merge.

In August 2022 she joined the Holi Development team and is active in the real estate sales and marketing business.

In her private life, he loves to spend his time actively cycling, doing sports, running. She does not like stagnation, so she is always open for spontaneous excursions or excursions. She appreciates the company of clever and interesting people.

Kinga Biedrzycka

Graphic designer / Marketing specialist

Graphic designer with more than 7 years of experience in the printing industry. She knows printing techniques from the ground up. In addition, marketing specialist, copywriter and text proofreader all in one. During the pandemic, she fell in love with web design and decided to evolve in that direction.

After work she is a rowing judge and a lover of Polish rock and the works of Jacek Kaczmarski.


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