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The search for a place on earth, a space that can be called home, is an exciting, though sometimes lengthy journey. We are pleased that you want to get started together with HOLI Development. As a first step, we recommend you to visit the “Investments” tab, where you will find apartments and properties proposed by our company as developers. If one of the realizations captivates your eye, we cordially invite you to contact us – we will be happy to tell you more about them.

“A house is not built, a house is created”

This is the motto we use when planning our new developer investments. At HOLI Development, we build synergies between passion and business. We develop solutions that offer space for a new quality of life.

We have put together a team of extraordinary personalities. Each member of our team has an individual approach and HOLI connects us.
We give each other space to create, and all that makes us credible and honest.
We are an excellent source of investment, because while the reaction of money and markets is easily predictable, the behaviour of the world is no longer.
We can foresee both.

Investment in housing – Warsaw and more

We are active in many places in Poland: on the Baltic Sea, in Masuria, in the mountains, in central Poland and in Spain.
Our investments were made in the most popular and lively places as well as in the picturesque provinces, close to nature.
We give new life to buildings: we revitalize, renovate, build from scratch.

Project developers from Warsaw – select HOLI Development

Apartments by the sea, properties by the lake, housing developers, investments from the primary market... Numerous and varied projects, carried out at many exceptional locations, have strengthened our position vis-à-vis other companies in the industry. But we don’t call ourselves a company. We are independent and respond to each customer individually. We cordially invite you to contact us – we are convinced that our cooperation will be fruitful.

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